At Bissardon, it all begins with close collaboration with local, regional producers.

We rigorously select the origin, the variety, the quality, the maturity and the taste of our fruit. The secret of good juice or nectar is firstly a good knowledge of fruit, and then the expertise to transform it into juice as soon as it is picked and bottle it rapidly.

You can only make good fruit juice with good fruit.


Once picked, the fruit is straightaway transported by the producer to our processing facility. Each individual fruit is hand sorted and selected either for the production of juice or the production of nectar, then washed thoroughly in clear water, and dried.


Pressing is a mechanical operation that consists of extracting the juice from the fruit by passing it through a press.

The following elements are essential for a successful pressing operation:

  • Excellent knowledge and experience of fruit,
  • Efficient equipment that is adapted to each type of fruit,
  • Skilled operators who master the process and the equipment perfectly.

We know that the stage of pressing is absolutely crucial, and decisive in obtaining quality juice and pulp.


The only natural and secure method of preserving fruit juice.

It is a delicate and rigorous operation based on a precise combination of time/temperature that varies from one fruit to another, concluded by rapid chilling as soon as the pasteurisation process is complete.


After the juice has been bottled, it remains only to taste it!

Our juices and nectars are made traditionally, with care and devotion. With our products the origin and the quality of the fruit is guaranteed. You can be sure that you are tasting a product that is full of flavour and absolutely natural, made in the heart of the fruit growing region of Jarez.

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